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Hello everyone!!

2010-11-14 04:17:33 by NeoDeadlyRave

Sooo first off I have uploaded a new song! Neon! I like it. I've been playing some Super Street Fighter IV for like the past months of my life. I plan on entering into the EVO Online Tournament for the Xbox 360. For those who maybe want to fight online send me a message for my gamertag and/or also my PSN network account.

I'm currently in a New Wave Softer Grunge type band called Beta. We just started off and once we get some recording done I will be sure to post it up for your enjoyment. I haven't decidede whether I want the band to have its own account or the same as my current one.

I will also be finishing up some more songs to upload onto newgrounds.

Busy busy busy.


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2010-12-30 10:22:14

How busy busy busy are you?

NeoDeadlyRave responds:

Not too busy anymore really. However still a little busy.